Official host for a staged event, performance,

and/or party.


Introduces speakers, makes announcements, engages with the audience, and creates a flow so that the event becomes a great experience for all involved.

With over 30 years

experience, Albert is an Expert at reading the crowd, playing the right music at the right time, and getting everyone engaged from the youngest to the oldest.


DJ FIG has a large assortment of music for everyone.

With over 12 years

of ballroom dance lessons, Albert is a wonderful entertainer.


From Dance routines, to teaching basic dance lessons, Albert will have your guests entertained, laughing, smiling, and wanting more.

Albert and Gabriella are a  husband and wife team and are both ordained.


They may perform blessings of dedications. Dedicating your children, your home, your new venture, and so on. They also administer blessings to people who are facing health and life challenges. 


They are very spiritually focused and attuned.

Wedding ceremonies are a sacred declaration of unconditional love and a promise to grow together in life.


Albert and Gabriella perform all different types of weddings, from formal and traditional ceremonies to laid-back weddings with fun themes.


The choice is yours. They will sit down with you and assist in creating the perfect ceremony for you. 

 A death of a loved one

is a challenging time. We can assist you in creating your loved one's Celebration

of Life.


It can be as formal or non-formal as you like. It can be spiritual or religious, or it can be a time to share memories and stories.


You know how your loved one would like to be celebrated and we can assist you in doing so. 


From large scale seminars, Or conferences - to intimate workshops: FIG Productions will handle your sound setup, music introductions, and break out sessions.


FIG Productions will keep the crowd engaged and entertained during speaker changes and during intermissions.

FIG Productions is perfect for your companies, Or organizations holiday parties, employee appreciation party, and/or company orientations.


FIG Productions will bring the excitement to keep your employees completely engaged and having fun. 


Creating the flow of an event is what FIG Productions is widely known for!

FIG Productions puts the FUN in fundraising! We have worked with many non-profit organizations to assist in raising funds.


From Relay of life to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer fundraiser. We have worked with the Ronald McDonald House, Rotary Organizations, as well as many other local charities and organizations.

Albert and Gabriella are both ordained ministers who can preside over Weddings, Blessings,
and Celebrations of Life